After the stroke, a lot of people told me I need to go to therapy, I need to talk about this.  So I did.  But it didn’t help.  In that therapy, I was talking about what I thought I should talk about, not what I needed to talk about.  Before the stroke, I was already dealing with a lot of crappy stuff, from a dysfunctional family to a dysfunctional relationship.  Then I got massively ill and was left disabled.  My point in writing about this is not to make anyone feel bad for me, that would never be my intention.  There are lots of people who have been through much worse than I have.  Maybe someone else is going through something similar to me, it’s possible.  I have an amazing therapist now and I’m figuring out everything I need to figure out.  I’m figuring out how to be peaceful and happy.

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  1. A psychiatrist/psychologist from the hospital talked to me trying to assess if I was depressed. Her main question was, ‘ Do you feel your body left you down?’ ‘No’, I’ve never been depressed a day in my life. I probably should have allowed myself to get anti-depressants, they help with recovery.

    • Yeah I remember a psychologist coming to my hospital room to assess me too. Even in my brain fogged state I was thinking “seriously? Are you a f’in idiot? These questions are so incredibly stupid. Yes of course I’m depressed.”

  2. Through these dark moments keep repeating this…
    ” I’m figuring out how to be peaceful and happy”

    Much love,

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