I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on my blog, thank you to everyone who has said something.  I think the reason it’s good is because I’m going through hell.  Out of great suffering comes really good writing, right?  Is that a quote?  Well it is now I just wrote it.  Once I’m better and happy again this blog will probably be really boring.  So enjoy it for now I guess.  🙂

Categories: Miscellaneous

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  1. i think your blog won’t ever bore you. I have been writing my blog for the three years since I had a stroke, and am currently going back through the entries organizing them into a book. None of the entries bore me … The ones that made me cry as I typed them make me cry today.

    I think you are correct re “out of great suffering comes great writing.” And I haven’t heard it before, so take credit for it. take care.

  2. hey i really hope and pray for your fast recovery and rehab!!! aand im sure even then you’ll be blogging about great stuff!! 🙂

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