I just joined a gym.  Hey stroke survivors: insurances will probably pay for all or part of a gym membership.  They might pay for this anyway, even if you didn’t have a stroke, as a preventative thing.  Insurances are finally understanding that getting you healthy BEFORE you get sick is the way to go.  Hell of a lot cheaper that way.  In the gym I joined, the female locker rooms are UPSTAIRS with no elevators.  Grrrrrrr!!  Oh well, that’s good for me, I’ll be challenged to climb a flight of stairs every time I have to pee.  Anyway, the treadmills in this gym have a DECLINE.  So you can walk downhill on a treadmill.  That’s pretty freakin’ cool.  I have never seen that before.  Physical therapists would have a field day with that.

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  1. when I joined a gym, I was looking forward to using the elliptical; unfortunately the steps angled out so that the motion was like hockey or speed skating, not what I expected. I took about 10 steps before I was too scared that I’d fall off. I now belong to a facility with just a pool so that I can have aquatic therapy. I’ll have to check w my insurance co to see if that’s covered. Good luck in the gym, even going downhill.

  2. The decline treadmill sounds pretty great, but I don’t think I would dare try. When I am not paying attention my left leg usually swings out too wide. Wide gait + treadmill = an ungraceful flying person off the side/back of the treadmill. 🙂 On the other hand, I love the elliptical!

    Have you ever used a TotalGym? They had a discount for rehab patients when I bought mine. That was a terrific investment. I still use it and feel better about my full body after every use.

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