This is another orthopedic post.  When your knee hurts and the doctor and physical therapist don’t really know why, you’ll probably be diagnosed as having patellofemoral syndrome(PFS).  PFS happens when your kneecap isn’t tracking properly.  This means that every time you contract the thigh muscle, your kneecap doesn’t follow the correct path and bangs into the thigh bone, and causes pain.  It’s kinda like the go to diagnosis for the knee.  If you’re over 50, the doctor will most likely say “oh that’s your arthritis acting up.”  Maybe these things are wrong with you, I have no idea.  I’m starting to think doctors and therapists don’t really know anything.  Well that’s not fair, I guess they(we) know some stuff or else I wouldn’t be able to give helpful information on this blog.  If you truly do have patellofemoral syndrome, treat it by strengthening a group of muscles called the hip abductors.  I mean, strengthen everything but really focus on the hip abductors.  These are the muscles on the outside of your thigh.  The muscles on the inside of your thigh are called the hip adductors.  Here’s how they taught us to remember that in school….. A baby is ABducted, taken away from its family.  So, the muscles on the outside of the thigh move your leg AWAY from the body, they abduct it.  Most people wouldn’t say this, they would say the opposite – that you need to stretch out this group of muscles, not make them stronger.  But I’m not most people.  Here’s some exercises. Here’s more. And here, I love hip hikes.

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  1. Amy, appreciated your explanation, particularly on the knee tracking. Thanks for including exercises. I had a creaking knee improved with exercise.

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