I’m a physical therapist and I should know this but I have no idea. It must have been invented in the last 2 years. I’ve kinda been out of commission the last 2 years. I got a form from the gym I just joined and it says they have stepmills. What the hell’s a stepmill?

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  1. A set of steps that keep descending. You have to keep stepping up on them or they will unceremoniously dump you off the bottom step. Hopefully they have 2 settings, totally manual, you stepping on them causes them to go down. Speed driven, you have to keep up or get dumped. When I used the speed setting, I would be hanging onto the railings for dear life. My stepping gait looked awful. I usually did the manual. Just getting on it is interesting because the weight you put on it will start the step going down so you’ll have to be ready to use both legs immediately. I’d advise watching someone else for a while. You must have been out for a while, I was using these 4-5 years ago.

  2. Amy, Hybrid of tread and step,shorter,split deck that elevates higher,tried and didnt like

  3. Mornin Amy, I found this site for a stepmill:
    Hope you have a really good day.

  4. I don’t know Amy….I clicked on Bob’s’ link and the stepmill looks quite intimidating! Yikes.

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