Month: February 2013


When I first had my stroke, I was completely, 100% dependent on everyone around me for everything.  From financial stuff to taking showers and feeding me, someone had to basically do these things for me.  I never, ever, ever want… Read More ›


When I first had my stroke, and for a long time after, it was hard to turn my head to the left or right.  It made me really dizzy and it would take a few minutes to adjust to looking… Read More ›


I received the news yesterday that my sleep study was inconclusive.  Big shock there.  Hey doctors – if you want your patients to SLEEP during a sleep study maybe you shouldn’t test them in a hospital room with a hospital… Read More ›

Spinal Tap

The doctors had no idea why I collapsed for a long time – too long.  They were going to give me a spinal tap.  My family was told you can’t have an MRI for 48 hours after a spinal tap. … Read More ›


There is some song, I forget what song, that has a line “I hate everything.”  My best friend in PT school said that should be my theme song.  Jeez, I must have been really unhappy then.  Yeah, I was.  I was… Read More ›


So something happened to me this weekend that I was none too thrilled about.  This older woman knocked on the door of my apartment and, not too nicely, told me not to park in a certain parking spot outside my… Read More ›


It’s true when you hear that stress is a killer.  I recently eliminated a very stressful situation from my life and I’m kind of amazed.  I’m doing things now that 3-4 months ago I couldn’t even come close to doing. … Read More ›

Death and Taxes

You know that saying the only certainties in life are death and taxes?  Well, the stroke didn’t kill me and I didn’t make any money last year so no taxes for me!  Soooo, ummm.  I don’t know.


When you’re exercising, your muscles get tired.  They can get tired so that they’re fatigued or you can work them so hard that they don’t work anymore.  Well, they don’t work for a brief time.  This is called muscle failure. … Read More ›