Month: February 2013


When I first had my stroke, I was completely, 100% dependent on everyone around me for everything.  From financial stuff to taking showers and feeding me, someone had to basically do these things for me.  I never, ever, ever want… Read More ›


When I first had my stroke, and for a long time after, it was hard to turn my head to the left or right.  It made me really dizzy and it would take a few minutes to adjust to looking… Read More ›


I received the news yesterday that my sleep study was inconclusive.  Big shock there.  Hey doctors – if you want your patients to SLEEP during a sleep study maybe you shouldn’t test them in a hospital room with a hospital… Read More ›


There is some song, I forget what song, that has a line “I hate everything.”  My best friend in PT school said that should be my theme song.  Jeez, I must have been really unhappy then.  Yeah, I was.  I was… Read More ›


So something happened to me this weekend that I was none too thrilled about.  This older woman knocked on the door of my apartment and, not too nicely, told me not to park in a certain parking spot outside my… Read More ›