I received the news yesterday that my sleep study was inconclusive.  Big shock there.  Hey doctors – if you want your patients to SLEEP during a sleep study maybe you shouldn’t test them in a hospital room with a hospital bed with a thin little blanket that makes the patient freeze their ass off.  Just a thought.

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  1. Maybe this in a few years.
    Students from universities around Cincinnati pitched ideas for everything from lip balm to liver enzymes at Friday’s Innov8 for Health Idea Expo in Cincinnati. Eight teams presented and four won $1,000 to move to the next step of building a business plan.
    Here are the four winning teams.

    Solving the Sleep Puzzle – This was the best idea of the student group from Jordan Hildebrandt from the University of Cincinnati. She proposed an easier way to diagnosis sleep problems: kiosks in big box stores, a basic assessment and an at-home sleep test.
    “The initial diagnostic will recommend products in the store or direct the person to the pharmacist,” Hildebrandt said. “The pharmacist would then administer an at-home sleep test in the form of a bracelet for the wrist.”
    She would design the kiosk, the in-store diagnostic and the at-home test.

    Read more:

  2. So true! You are refreshingly honest!!! YAY! Your insights help me. I quoted you just yesterday.

    • You quoted me? That’s awesome!!

      • Yes re: your unique insights from a PT/survivor point of view about insensitivity when asking about “goals.” I was speaking to someone who works with families and medical teams who treat medically fragile children with life limiting illnesses. She mentioned the importance of asking families about their hopes AND expectations and how the answers are very different. Without asking about BOTH, some on the medical team incorrectly assume the expectations are “unrealistic” because they assume the hopes ARE the expectations. That’s when I quoted you 🙂

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