When I first had my stroke, and for a long time after, it was hard to turn my head to the left or right.  It made me really dizzy and it would take a few minutes to adjust to looking to the side.  So if I did it, I didn’t want to look straight ahead again because the same thing would happen.  I know every effect from a stroke is different but I think this might be the same for everyone that has just had a huge insult to the brain.  I remember being wheeled to the therapy room (I was the youngest by way) and everyone was sitting in a wheelchair staring straight ahead.  We were like zombies.  It was terrible, awful, horrible.  But that’s not a problem at all anymore.  Looking to the right or left is OK now.  Tilting my head, that’s another story, but turning it to either side is no big deal.  If I could walk then I’d have made a good zombie in that thing they do when they make a parade of zombies.

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  1. Yes, I think most of us with brain injury are familiar with the “zombie” aspect. In fact some of my fellow angioma survivors, have organized a zombie fun run/walk to help support research for cavernous angiomas. People dress up and have fun with this very sickening truth about brain injury.

  2. Amy, be careful about eating brains, they contain vast amounts of cholesterol

  3. I got a few zombie comments around here too. I wouldn’t look down either so tripped over things/kids on the floor a lot initially. Now they have learned to keep the floor clear and not get in mama’s way. Zombies are dangerous. 🙂

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