When I first had my stroke, I was completely, 100% dependent on everyone around me for everything.  From financial stuff to taking showers and feeding me, someone had to basically do these things for me.  I never, ever, ever want to have that feeling again.  That’s partly why I think this article is such BS.  There are a lot of reasons why I think this research is crap but that’s one.  Only babies should need everyone to do everything for them, it doesn’t quite work with adults.  If I ever again am that dependent on someone else – I won’t be, I’ll make sure of it.

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  1. How long did it take for you to regain your independence?

    I fully agree with you and I will not live like that either.

  2. I have so many questions about this study. Interesting that some patients had to answer through their caregivers. I think that alone would greatly skew the answers!

    I remember the depressing discomfort of relying on others. Just as clearly I remember nearly three years afterwards when my husband left for a long work trip. That was the day I knew I was going to be okay and fully independent once again. Wonderful feeling!!!

  3. Happiness??? I don’t know about that….maybe the brain is “shut down” in some ways rendering a “peaceful” state….that only lasts till the cognition returns. Being dependent was very hard…and I was painfully aware very early…how sweet it is to regain indepence.

  4. Sorry it has been all so rough. I just felt like I was in a fishbowl all the time. Unilateral deafness. My major stroke didn’t seem to effect my systems other than the inner ear. I went rock climbing 18 days later, backcountry skiing 22 days later, driving 16 days later. 5 days a week on professional vestibular retraining. I might have deafness and vertigo, not much else. Workout twice a day 5 days a week, once a day twice a week. Down from my prestroke 3-4 x 7 days a week / 6-14 hour mountaineering days 2-6 times a week.

    Prestroke life gave me a stroke, prestroke life gave me a new life. Hard but so is everything.

    In the meantime, push yourself hard. Clinicians are typically over paid study burnouts without social skills that will reference webMD. Dont let them tell you your window is closed. Welcome to 2013, skip the bills and discover what youtube and google can do for you.

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