Month: March 2013


I’m going to take myself on a date today.  I’m ignoring the fact that it’s Easter Sunday.  I have never in my life gone to a movie alone.  I always needed someone to come with me to do stuff and… Read More ›


To everyone in the whole wide world:  One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is that the only person that’s guaranteed to 100% never, ever leave you in this f’d up world is you so you better learn… Read More ›


I had 3 strokes.  One would’ve been enough but I always do things to excess so I opted to have 3 strokes.  I wasn’t satisfied with just 1, I needed more, I needed more stroke.  I often think if I… Read More ›


I wrote about how to safely go up and down steps.  I also wrote about the proper way to use a cane.  But I’ve never written about how to use a cane on steps.  Here ya go.  That first post… Read More ›