Thank you Vicki for getting me through last week.  To all disabled people – you don’t owe ANYONE ANYTHING.  Don’t fall into the trap, like I did, of thinking that you have to do something because of everything that was done for you.  Unless you specifically asked someone to do something for you, you owe nothing in return.  This was a big lesson for me to learn.  If you love someone, you take care of them when they are sick and don’t ever, ever throw it back in their faces.  That’s how the world works.  Hopefully, everything that was/is done for you to help you is out of the goodness of that person’s heart, but it might not be.  Just try not to feel guilty about anything.  You didn’t choose to get sick and it feels good to help out another human being.  I would know, I was in a helping profession.  So there’s no reason to feel guilty, you’re making other people feel good by letting them help you.  🙂  Like I said, you owe nothing to anyone, but please pay it forward.

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  1. You are my hero. Really. You are. Your strength is amazing. You have faced so many challenges that would be the undoing for most people. You, instead, took these challenges and used them for the better. You’ve grown as a person and are helping so many people with your story. Your blog readers have no idea that they are in the presence of the strongest, most incredible woman they will ever come in contact with. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe what an awesome person you are.

    And it will always be an honor to spend time with you and help you in any way that I can. Anyone who doesn’t see that you are gift is blind! I only wish you hadn’t lett so soon. Hurry back!!!

    Lovage 🙂

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