I kinda think I know everything.  🙂  I don’t honestly think that but I act that way sometimes in an attempt to be funny.  I hope people find me funny and not annoying.  But if I annoy you I don’t care, then don’t hang out with me, I am who I am.  Anyway, yesterday I went to a class.  I have to go to classes every once in a while to keep my PT license active.  Who knows what the future holds for me but I’m keeping my license active.   So I did one yesterday, it was my first continuing education since the stroke.  The title of the class was STROKE RECOVERY.  Now, one – I think I know everything.  Two – I think I know EVERYTHING about recovering from a stroke.  So I half expected to be annoyed yesterday.  I wasn’t.  The instructor of the course was this guy.   He really knows what he’s talking about.  In the last 2 years I have talked to NO ONE that gets it except stroke survivors.  Peter gets it.  Buy his book.

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  1. The problem I have with Peter is that he is constrained with staying within the approved therapy guidelines. That silo is not where the breakthroughs in stroke will occur. Dean

  2. Amy , you’re nothing as big a know-it-all as me. My arrogance is probably quantum class, maybe in 12 dimensions.

    • I didn’t used to be this bad, maybe having a stroke makes you a know-it-all.

      • Ya, maybe…me too. Although I know I don’t actually “know it all”, I do know a whole lot about medical type stuff as a nurse that wanted to be a doctor(I took a lot of classes, way more than I needed), and having my own health crises forced me to dig deeper into brain stuff cuz every doctor I saw knew nothing. Being your own advocate requires a “know it all”of sorts.

  3. I don’t use the word “plateau” except when someone tells me they were told they hit a plateau and can no longer improve. I truly believe gains can continue forever. Often the pace slows, but I believe the potential for improvements never ends. Once I heard a wise clinician say, “The better the brain gets, the better the brain gets” and she explained that as the brain improves and improves, it increases it’s potential to improve. You are wise beyond your years.

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