I went to the gym yesterday and the lady at the front desk asked “Are you limping?  Do you have a sprained ankle or something?”  HA, I wish!  I wish that the reason for my weird gait was a sprained ankle.  So I told her my sob story and like everyone else in the whole world she looked horrified and said “Oh my God you’re so young.”  Yeah yeah yeah.  So then she asked “Has anyone shown you our vibration machine?”  You know that machine that vibrates that women used to strap themselves into to make them lose weight?  A scene from the movie Blast from the Past comes to mind.  Funny movie.  That’s what this thing was like.  You stand on a big vibrating plate and do exercises.  Now, if I got on it I would get insanely dizzy and puke.  Actually I’d probably be thrown across the room.  But she said that when doing exercises on the vibrating thing it activates the central nervous system more.  I never learned anything about this nor have I come across it in my research since having a stroke.  But maybe it works, who the hell knows?

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  1. I found this article on WebMD. They seem pretty skeptical about it thought.

  2. Amy, one of my old posts on it, I have 5 newer ones and haven’t looked at this lately.

  3. Never heard of this. Loved “Blast from the Past”, though!

  4. That is something I have never heard of. I have trouble enough walking it a straight manner…. I can’t imagine how staggered my gait would be when I was getting off a contraption like that!

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