Therapeutic Touch

I’ve said before that I’ve learned A LOT in the last 2 years.  I used to think I could help anyone with back and neck pain.  I can help a lot of people, and did.  I can give some really good information.  The certification that I have and the way I used to treat back pain is a mostly hands off approach.  The certification I have taught me to teach patients about their problem, show them what to do, and then put the responsibility on them to do it a lot at home.  I think that part is awesome.  I love the idea of making people take responsibility for themselves.  HOWEVER, there is A LOT to be said for therapeutic touch.  Humans are not just a bunch of bones connected with tendons and ligaments.  That’s pretty much how I viewed the human body before the stroke.  I was very mechanical minded.  Well that has changed drastically.  Drastically.

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  1. I have found massage to be incredibly helpful with my neck pain and to be one of the most peaceful times as well. If I was rich beyond my wildest dreams, I’d have two massages a week. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The power of touch can be very significant. I saw it in action many times in my years as an RN in the hospital. I always went out if my way to “touch” my patients. I always thought it helped them to relax, trust me, and know that I thought they were important…..makes me miss my old job sometimes. I LOVED seeing my pts. respond.

    • Awww, that’s awesome. Just that statement right there makes me think you were a really good nurse.

      • Thanks! Yes, I was very passionate about mind/body connection and the importance of connecting all the pieces for healing. My background in psychology came in very handy in combination with the scientific clinical knowledge. Treat the “whole” person….always!! Wish I could have found some doctors like that to help me.

  3. You now have lessons that no text book or lectures can ever teach. That is what makes you an even stronger healer of minds and bodies today. I am glad you have taken these lessons of life and helped share your healing with all of us. We’re lucky.

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