Going Down Steps with a Cane

In my last post I forgot how to describe how to go down the stairs with a cane, I only explained how to go up.  To go down, again remember “up with the good, down with the bad.”  So, to go down, take a step down first with the BAD leg at the same time as you bring down the cane, held with the opposite hand.  The cane side always does the same thing that the bad side is doing.  Then, step down to the same step with the GOOD leg.  It’s the opposite of what you do when going up stairs.  You’ll do the opposite of this in physical therapy to get that leg stronger.  I’ve said the word “opposite” 3 times in this post, I hope you’re not confused.

Categories: Rehab, Stroke stuff

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2 replies

  1. Once again much needed information from you Amy! I’m gonna share this in therapy next week!

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