I had 3 strokes.  One would’ve been enough but I always do things to excess so I opted to have 3 strokes.  I wasn’t satisfied with just 1, I needed more, I needed more stroke.  I often think if I would’ve been given the drug tPA, the clot busting drug that you can only give the patient within 3 hours of beginning symptoms, that I wouldn’t have so many problems.  BUT, I know a guy who was given tPA and it might have made him worse,  I also know a guy who was given tPA and has made a near full recovery.  So who knows if I’d be better, maybe I’d be worse.  Dean has done a lot of research on what to do in the first few hours of having a stroke.  You’re gonna have to diagnose the patient first though and not leave them lying in a bed for like 30 hours.

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  1. I had two strokes. I think that we’re both perfectionists and needed to be sure that we got it *exactly* right.

  2. My neurons were so weak they gave up in droves even after getting tPA in 90 minutes. My neuronal cascade of death was massive. I barely survived my 1 stroke

  3. I was talking to my PT and I said I’m always going to wonder how differentit all would be if I hadn’t have been alone in my apartment when ths happenened. I threw my phone on my bed and sat down on the sofa. Where I remained for two days.

  4. My parents sent my uncle to check on me, it was mymom’s bithday and when I didn’t call they got worried, he had to climb in my open window and he called 911! Talk about complicated! Why not try and make things easy?I guess the lucy thing is that I’m seeing improvement even without TPA

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