I’m going to take myself on a date today.  I’m ignoring the fact that it’s Easter Sunday.  I have never in my life gone to a movie alone.  I always needed someone to come with me to do stuff and now – well now I really, really want someone else there.  My therapist said oh no that can’t be, you have to be OK with doing things alone, you have to get out of your comfort zone.  So I’m going with myself to a movie later.  I’m going to see a movie that is incredibly un-Easterly.  It will help me pretend that today isn’t a holiday.

Categories: Recovery

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  1. I go to movies dinner, plays alone. Hoping I can convince someone else to go is not in the cards right now. I get my socialization from the 4 or so meetup groups I belong to. At least now I can talk and respond appropriately in a group setting.

  2. So was it Django Unchaned? With blood spouting all over.

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