Month: April 2013


I was just at the gym and walked past a group of guys and heard “Let’s do tris(pronounced ‘tries’) next.”  Meatheads.

Nerve Glides

I debated writing this post but I decided to do it anyway.  So I’ll just say DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Nothing that a physical therapist does is life threatening or anything but of everything I would have patients do,… Read More ›


I did a post about how to strengthen every major muscle group in the legs except the hamstrings.  I wrote about how to properly stretch the hamstrings, but not one about how to make them stronger.  The muscles that are called… Read More ›


I can’t run.  I walk pretty well but when I speed up and try to break into a run my brain is like “uhh no you’re not doing that, sorry.”  This sucks because I used to like to go on long… Read More ›

Sleep Mask

If you have issues sleeping, which I’ve learned if you had a stroke – you have issues with sleep, get a sleep mask.  It’s really helping me.  When I put that thing on my head my damaged brain knows to shut… Read More ›