I’m starting occupational therapy again next week.  She’s going to work on fine motor stuff.  She asked me what my goals are and I said to write, use a fork with my right hand, and type with both hands.  Now I have goals, 2 years ago I did not.  It doesn’t seriously depress me to go to therapy anymore so I’m ready to go back.  Plus, I absolutely love my OT, we have a blast together, so this is kind of like a social thing too.  I e-mailed this guy and asked him the best way to neuroplastically make my tremor stop.  He wrote about it.  I’m going to ask my OT to do mirror box therapy.  I’ve never done that.  Mirror box therapy is where you put a mirror on the side of the body and use the “good” side to do activities.  Your brain sees the reflection in the mirror and the idea is that your brain thinks the reflection is the “bad” side so it “tricks” the brain into thinking the bad side works perfectly.  I’m going to try to trick my brain.  So when the mirror is taken away hopefully the bad side actually does work better.  We shall see!

Get a mirror box here.

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  1. Can’t wait to read the follow up to this post. Have a blast, work hard!


  2. See if your OT knows about action observation, or just watch Greg Irwin finger ballet


  1. Mirror Box Therapy – mycerebellarstrokerecovery

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