Plantar Fasciitis

ORTHOPEDIC.  I’m having some pain on the bottom of my foot right now.  I self-diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis.  You shouldn’t do that, you shouldn’t diagnose yourself.  Well actually maybe you should, doctors don’t seem to know much.  Anyway, a stroke is enough to deal with, 3 strokes is more than enough.  Having a painful foot on top of the strokey walking is a bad combination.  I already walk all weird, I certainly don’t need a foot that causes pain every time I step down on it.  Oh well.  Here’s how I used to treat plantar fasciitis.  If you have PF(plantar fasciitis), you probably have really tight calf musclesSo stretch them out.  Also stretch out the arch of your foot.  I always told people to do the frozen water bottle stretch.  Actually, this guy’s entire YouTube series on PF is pretty good.  Although I’m not sure I like the part where he says to not wear shoes in the house.  If you’re having acute pain, you need to rest it and support it.  But not forever, once the pain dies down, you should do this.  First thing when you get up in the morning, before you get out of bed and put your foot down, do the towel stretch(first picture).  If what you’re doing makes your foot hurt more and keep hurting more for over 30 seconds, stop doing it.  It’s OK to have a little pain immediately after the activity or during it.  It’s probably OK if your foot hurts a little more later that night or the next day, but it might not beI don’t know, see what works for you.


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  1. If I’d known how my life was going to turn out I would’ve paid attention in anaomy! I love that I learn so much from your site!


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