My OT gave me this pen……..


You put your index finger through the hole.  It helps me control it.  I sent this picture to my friend Vicki who is an OT and she said “Oh write me a letter this weekend.”  So I did.  It took me about an hour to write like 8 lines, but I did it.

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  1. Nice job! I’m sure you were proud of yourself for accomplishing that.

    • Thanks. 🙂 Yeah I’m proud. That kind of thing used to seriously depress me. I would think “It took me an hour to write an 8 line letter, seriously?” But I look at it differently now.

  2. I love being able to sign crecit card slips and write checks. I print now but no one cares as long as they get my money.

  3. Amy,
    Hello, I have really been enjoying your blog. I’m glad you were able to write. I had a stroke 2 years ago and lost my dominant right side. My handwriting is the thing that I miss the most now. I used to write beautifully but now it looks like chicken scratch – and it takes forever to write anything. I’ve tried jumbo pens, finger splints and these little devices that you put on the pen to help you hold it. Do you know where your OT got that pen? I’d like to give it a try!
    Lori K.

  4. Thanks Amy! When I got your first comment, I googled it and found many for sale. That is so interesting – the way that you hold it. My index and middle finger are the weakest so this will be interesting. Ring pen… here I come!
    Thanks again – you rock!!!
    Lori K

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