Anatomy of the Brain

On my stats page I saw a search term that was used which was “basilar artery stroke.”  I realized I have never explained what artery of mine was messed up.  My stroke was caused by a blood clot(ischemic stroke) which got lodged in the basilar artery.  Offshoots of the basilar artery feed blood to the cerebellum, where I had my stroke.  This is called posterior, in the back of the brain.  The front of the brain is called anterior.  Then the basilar artery divides into something called the Circle of Willis.  The blood supply to the brain is very complex.  I could write for hours about the different parts of the brain and what they do.

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  1. Was yours a PICA (posterior anterior cerebellar arterial) ischemia? That’s what mine was. I still spend most of my waking hours in a wheelchair – you? It’s been 6 mos. post-stroke for me. But I walk 2-4 miles almost every day in my back yard. Or I should say “teeter” for 2 – 4 miles.

    • No, mine was not a PICA stroke. PICA stands for posterior inferior cerebellar artery. You got one word wrong. 🙂 I do not use a wheelchair and I didn’t use one after 2 months. The fact that you’re still using a wheelchair and walking that much is awesome.

  2. Someday I’ll find a 3d map of the arteries of the brain. I want to backtrack to the exact spot the blockage occurred. Its not going to help my recovery any but I need to know.

  3. I think there is a lot of confusion about cerebellar strokes. Because I can move everything, others in my stroke PT class think I must be almost completely recovered (because many of them have one side that won’t move). Even though I am really glad I had a posterior stroke rather than anterior, it’s still devastating and hard to understand. Mine were vertebral artery inferior cerebellar strokes. Most doctors don’t know much about the cerebellum because in medical school you basically learn that it’s coordination. So they don’t understand when I say that my foot gets stuck and I can’t figure out how to move it or that I have anomia or difficulty reaching over midline or walking and talking at the same time, etc, etc, etc. The brain is amazing.

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