I can’t run.  I walk pretty well but when I speed up and try to break into a run my brain is like “uhh no you’re not doing that, sorry.”  This sucks because I used to like to go on long runs before the stroke.  Now it’s long walks.  That’s a good thing though because I couldn’t take my dog with me on my runs.  I can certainly take my strokey dog on my strokey walks.  When I try to run it looks pretty f’in funny.  It makes me crack up.  Although I laugh at myself all the time so that’s not saying much.  I wonder if I’ll ever be able to run again.

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  1. Amy, you will run again. I ended up buying my own copy of
    Teaching Me to Run by Tommye-K. Mayer because I couldn’t keep it out long enough from the library. Its one of my long term goals, To start with I watch videos of perfect running form.

  2. In doing my laps back & forth in my back yard (lately just 2 miles) I occasionally tried to break into a run like you. That worked
    for about 200 ft. Then I was pooped like I just ran the mile in 4 min. Lately I have dispensed with that particular reminder of my incapacity, just like you.

    I can’t believe how an inirmity of a few seconds can puit you totally out of commission for months and years. The body is supposed to be so wonderful at healing itself. Too bad it doesn’t extend to the ‘little brain’. I envied all those old geezers with musculo-skeletal injuries in my snf who did NOT have a dizziness problem and who recuperated in a matter of months. No f’n fair.

  3. Although I remember running pre-stroke asbeing a challenge and requiring self-pep-talks along the way, running now would be heaven. I would run forever, breathing hard, sweating, growing more tired every stride, sides cramping, all of it would be enjoyable now.

  4. My PT is getting me walking at a faster pace by putting me on a treadmill with a harness support so that when I fall I just pick up my feet and swing until she can either get me going again or stops the thing. I didn’t think I would benefit because I walk just fine (or thought I did) but the key to speed is a good rhythm and I didn’t have that. To keep a good rhythm, I have to slow down to like 2mph and think a rhythmic “pick up my foot pick up my foot pick up my foot” as I walk. My PT says that we can also use a metronome but I like talking to myself. I’m assuming that as we gradually increase the speed I’ll get to something resembling running someday. 🙂

    Hope you find your path back to running!

    • The metronome thing is similar to the tango music. You’re supposed to walk to the beat of the music. Although tango music suuposedly does much more in the brain. I hope you run someday too, seems to be a common goal among stroke survivors.

  5. I too long to run. I cannot remember how to do it. My balance is good, but my left leg and hip aren’t strong enough to let me feel confident enough to try. I’ve also forgotten how to crouch. So when I drop something I can’t bend down in a crouch but pick it up by bending in half at the waist. How will I get my crouch back???

    • “How will I get my crouch back?” Hmmm. Well, I think you probably mostly need to get the quads as strong as you can, they’re probably the main muscle you use when you crouch. Is there anything specifically that is making you apprehensive of that motion?

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