Sleep Mask

If you have issues sleeping, which I’ve learned if you had a stroke – you have issues with sleep, get a sleep mask.  It’s really helping me.  When I put that thing on my head my damaged brain knows to shut down.  My friend Mandy got me a sleep mask for Christmas and I love it!  Thanks Mandy.  It doesn’t work ALL the time, but it is certainly helping a lot.


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  1. I also saw a recommendation to try melatonin…that our poor confused brains aren’t producing the stuff when they are supposed to. I take three times the OTC dose of the OTC stuff at bedtime and it works most of the time. Not all the time but most of the time.

    • Robin how much melatonin do you take and do you have an opinion which brand is best?

      • I haven’t replied yet because I keep forgetting to check the dose when I’m downstairs (in our bedroom) and I don’t want to take an extra trip…I go down the stairs at night and up the stairs in the morning. Anyhow, they are 300mcg tablets and I take three. This is not medical advice for others…it was given to me informally from a non-medical person.

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