I did a post about how to strengthen every major muscle group in the legs except the hamstrings.  I wrote about how to properly stretch the hamstrings, but not one about how to make them stronger.  The muscles that are called the hamstrings, located on the back of the thigh, are actually 3 muscles.  That’s not really important though.  The main thing that the hamstrings do is bend the knee and straighten out the legs at the hip-joint.  They’re also involved in rotating the hip inward sometimes, depending upon the position you put the leg in.  So what can happen to them after a stroke?  Well, they can get weak just like everything else.  Can they do anything really weird?  Probably.  Anyone have an experience with their hamstrings doing something really weird?  Here’s how to strengthen themAnd hereAnd hereDon’t forget to work them eccentrically!  Oh when you do all this stuff, keep your back straight.

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  1. I love those animated gifs you find, not that I can do them. Are there any for fingers?

  2. Thanks, Amy. Any hints on getting the gluteus mediums and friends back in the act after a stroke?


  3. Using my hamstrings was a recent accomplishment for me. Strengthening them is my next step. Thanks for the exercises.

  4. My PT tried to eStim my hamstring and cranked it all the way up. The muscles just jumped around and never did lift the foot off the mat.

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