Month: May 2013

Walter Brennan

I was just taking my dog for a walk and this older gentleman says to me “you’re walking like Walter Brennan, what happened?”  I had no idea who Walter Brennan was or what that meant.  But when I got home… Read More ›


I was in occupational therapy the other day and there was this girl in there that I’ve gotten to know.  She’s a year and some months out.  She always asks me about my walking.  I walk really well, she does… Read More ›

Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy occurs when one side of the face is paralyzed.  Strokes will often cause one side of the face to have a palsy.  A droopy face.  Every therapist has heard this – that Bell’s Palsy can be caused by… Read More ›

Keep Doing It

I’m not going to pretend that I understood the importance of this when I was a physical therapist.  I’m still a physical therapist, but when I was working as one – you know what I mean.  No I didn’t really… Read More ›

What’s Wrong With You?

I was at the gym earlier and I got into a conversation with a guy.  Now, generally I try my best to avoid talking to strangers but it’s gonna happen.  Every time I talk to someone new I tell my story… Read More ›


I’m pretty smart.  One of the biggest things that annoyed me, and still annoys me to this day – you know what, A LOT of stuff has annoyed me.  A LOT.  I mean I had a stroke at age 30,… Read More ›

Re-entering Life

About a year and a half after my stroke a light bulb switched on in my head and I realized that my life, if that’s what you could call it, f’ing sucked.  It was at this point that I realized I needed… Read More ›


I am an adult who had something incredibly huge, severe, and life-changing happen.  I don’t think some people in my life get that.  This has been absolutely devastating.  Because of this happening to me, there needs to be a lot… Read More ›


Barb just got Botox injected into her forearm and it worked!  In her latest blog post she said that she can open her hand fully.  That’s awesome, Botox won’t always have an effect.  So, you’ve heard of Botox.  It’s the stuff… Read More ›

Tendon Glides

Dean gave me this idea.  HEY THANKS DEAN!!!!!!!!!  A tendon is the piece of tissue at the end of a muscle that connects that muscle to a bone.  You have frequently heard of the achilles tendon, right?  That’s what is connecting… Read More ›

Good Posture

I was complimented on my posture yesterday so I thought I’d write about it.  It’s a natural thing for me to have great posture and never slouch but it’s not at all natural for most people.  If you fix your posture, you’ll… Read More ›


I had never heard of this and didn’t know what the hell it was until I took a course taught by Peter G. Levine.  BDNF stands for brain-derived neurotrophic factor.  That’s a really long name for a protein.  BDNF is a protein that is produced… Read More ›

Weight Shifts

I was in occupational therapy today and there was this girl in there.  My OT made her do her entire hour of exercises standing up.  Why did she do that?  Because this girl has a hard time being on her feet. … Read More ›

Hip Adductors

My last post was about the hip abductors and Dean requested that my next post be about the hip adductors.  Done!  The hip adductors are what people call the groin muscles.  So if your leg is out to the side, it’s the… Read More ›

Hip Abductors

Guess what, this is an orthopedic post…… The muscles on the outside of your upper thighs and hips are called the hip abductors.  They are primarily responsible for moving the leg away from midline, kicking your leg out to the… Read More ›