I wrote a post about being really emotional after a brain injury and someone left me a comment about losing the ability to cry.  I had never heard of that happening and that really affected me.  I’ve been perpetually in tears for 2 years.  If I couldn’t cry – I don’t know.  I guess a stroke can do anything, take away the ability to do anything at all.  When I hear about stuff that has happened to others, it makes me realize how much worse it could’ve been.

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  1. Jay – almost 5 yrs post stroke can not cry either- Even when his special cat died he felt awful but no tears… Sometimes just a little drop. My husband had a mini stroke and his emotions (tears) flow more. I guess its where the stroke occurs in the brain.

  2. Interesting. When I told my physiatrist that I cry more easily than before, he immediately looked at my post-stroke MRI and said it was because the stroke destroyed the part of my brain that lets me inhibit my response to emotion; I don’t remember what he called the area. My daughter, though, says I was always like this – tearing up re the slightest touching event/book/etc. Who knows? I now cry in frustration, which I don’t remember ever doing before. I HATE to cry.

  3. I agree that I’d rather be able to cry than not. At the same time, I know that my crying and anger outbursts are not healthy either. I’ve talked with others at the stroke center and the anger is also a common problem. I try to explain to my husband (who gets angry right back) that I am trying to control it and it feels completely overwhelming and uncontrollable. I think the stress combined with the excess of negative emotions is a lot for him to deal with.

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