A completely healthy and fit 23 year-old man had a heart attack and died during the Pittsburgh marathon today.  Why are all these young people getting sick?  Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?

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  1. Did you know him? If so, sorry for your loss. Maybe he had taken something like steroids or an energy drink to help him run better or with less pain? It could have been some hidden genetic cause too. I think the energy drinks will cause many health problems in the near future.

  2. You’re right … I had a 25-year-old nephew who dropped dead of heart failure at work. Office job, no previous health problems.

  3. I get very upset when well-meaning people tell me, “Everything happens for a reason,” so when I first saw his mother after his death, I said,”This never should have happened.” I was hoping to counter-act some of the other crap she was going to hear.

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