Eastern vs. Western Medicine

Most of my docs, therapists, nurses – not so good.  Some were great, optimal word being ‘some.’  So I found my own ways to feel better and get out of this Hell.  I used to think Alternative Medicine was not worth a hoot, most people trained in the “Western” medicine world do.  Again, optimal word being ‘most.’  Then I got super-duper ill.  And Western medicine didn’t help me.  OK, my neurosurgeon helped me by preventing me from dying but that’s about it.  He knew what to do when tragedy struck but……..after that I wasn’t helped by him.  I turned to Eastern Medicine.  I have learned that most people who turn to Eastern medicine have had a major health crisis.  That says something.

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  1. Someday we’ll have to get together and chat about stuff.

  2. I think your description is perfect…doctors are generally good at crises. You want your life saved, see a physician. But for day in, day out quality of life issues, there are a lot of people who know a lot more about it than medical professionals. I’ve found that for most people, there isn’t one simple answer to their problems and so there isn’t one simple solution easily written on a prescription pad or order form.

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