I made the decision to eliminate caffeine from my diet.  No more coffee for me.  If I get a big stupid latte, it will have to be decaf.  The reason is because caffeine is very dehydrating.  I do a lot everyday to make sure I’m well hydrated so I’m not going to counteract that anymore by having coffee.  Especially first thing in the morning.  You’re very dehydrated when you wake up.  Imagine working an 8 hour day and not drinking anything the whole day.  You’d be pretty f’in parched.  I’ve read a few studies and articles where people say a small amount of caffeine can be good for you.  I disagree with that, but to each his own.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I enjoy your reading your blog. I agree with you regarding dehydration, i think it is more important than we realise.

    I had a cerrerbellar infarction in November last year, for which no cause can be found. i think in hindsight dehydration could have been a factor.


  2. I’ve gone off the deep end, multiple cups for me every morning. Needed to counteract the fatigue.

  3. I had a cup of coffee at my breakfast club this moring so I just got a big glass of water.

  4. But Amy what about the chocolate?

  5. I can’t give up the coffee in the morning, and sometimes with supper. I have given up diet soda, though

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