Hyperbole and a Half

This blog is absolutely hilarious.  HILARIOUS.  The author of the blog, Allie, has been depressed for a while and hasn’t written anything in a long time.  I certainly know what it feels like to be depressed and not want to do your job.  I’ve known that feeling long before I had a massive stroke, I’ve had that feeling pretty much my entire adult life.  I hope my blog gets so famous that if I ever take a break strangers will text their friends and say “hey that stroke girl posted again!”  That’s what happened to me today about a new posting on Hyperbole and a Half.

In the post she said “what was the exact moment where things started to feel slightly less shitty?”  Haha!  Yeah, if you’re dealing with a chronic illness, mental or physical(you might be lucky enough to have both like me!!!!) things are not going to get a lot better any time soon.  Life is gonna get slightly less shitty a little bit at a time.  Then eventually, maybe your life will be a lot less shitty.  My life is no longer a big, huge heaping pile of steaming shit like it was 2 years ago, a year and a half ago, even a year ago.  Things got less shitty for me.  If you feel like your life is shitty, then it is.  If you feel that way then yes, your life sucks.  So change it.  The only way to change your life is to let it be shitty for the time being, talk about the shittiness, don’t deny it – that will get you into a lot of trouble.  You have to acknowledge the shit before it goes away.  Once you acknowledge everything you can move beyond it, but until you do, you’re gonna be stuck in shit.

Buy her book here, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Yes, it happens. My motto in life now is “oh well.”


  1. It never goes away | birdiegirlblue

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