Hip Abductors

Guess what, this is an orthopedic post……

The muscles on the outside of your upper thighs and hips are called the hip abductors.  They are primarily responsible for moving the leg away from midline, kicking your leg out to the side.  There is a lot of research about these muscles and their involvement in lots and lots of injuries.  If my patient had an issue in the lower extremity(leg), strengthening these muscles was a guarantee.  Everybody has weak hip abductors.  Compared to the opposite muscle, the hip adductors(the muscles on the inside of your thigh that bring the leg closer to midline, the groin muscles) the hip abductors are going to be weaker, almost always.  Have you ever been at the gym and seen someone walking/running sideways on a treadmill?  The purpose of that is to strengthen the hip abductors.  Whenever I see that, I think that person must have been in physical therapy because only a PT would make someone walk sideways on a treadmill.  But maybe I’m wrong about that, maybe coaches and personal trainers would have people do that.  Now, stroke survivors are typically going to walk weirdly for A LOT of reasons, but from an orthopedic standpoint the hip abductors are usually involved in all kinds of weird gait patterns.  So get them stronger.  Here’s some stuff to doHere’s more.

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