Good Posture

I was complimented on my posture yesterday so I thought I’d write about it.  It’s a natural thing for me to have great posture and never slouch but it’s not at all natural for most people.  If you fix your posture, you’ll fix a lot of things.  Here’s how I used to teach patients about posture.  Soooo, start with sitting down.  Don’t worry about your spine yet, just sit there.  Now, slouch as much as you can.  Yes, I’m telling you to slouch.  From that slouched position straighten your spine as much as you can.  Overcorrect your posture so that you look really awkwardly straight.  Then go between these 2 positions a few times.  The point of this is to know what it feels like at both extremes, neither of these positions are natural or correct.  Ok, finish on that weird, overcorrected, straight spine position.  From this position, relax a little bit and decrease the straightness by about 10%.  This is where your posture should most likely be.  If you find yourself slouching throughout the day, overcorrect yourself then decrease that by 10% and you’ll have good posture.  🙂 

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  1. That’s the reason I dislike talking to therapists/nurses. I know I’m bad at healthful stuff but I dislike being called out on it. This is not directed specifically at you Amy.

  2. My posture is terrible. Always has been. Too late now for it to get better I’m afraid.


  1. Ergonomics – mycerebellarstrokerecovery

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