Tendon Glides

Dean gave me this idea.  HEY THANKS DEAN!!!!!!!!!  A tendon is the piece of tissue at the end of a muscle that connects that muscle to a bone.  You have frequently heard of the achilles tendon, right?  That’s what is connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone.  In the hand there are all kinds of weird tendons.  I think they’re weird anyway, the hand is really confusing.  Vicki you know WAY more about this than me so if you’d like to tell me I’m wrong or add anything, go right ahead.  🙂  Often after a stroke, the hand will be all curled up and it might not open very easily.  Along with working all the muscles of the hand, you need to work the tendons too and there are specific ways to do this.  Here are tendon glidesHere’s a bunch of hand exercises.

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  1. And why would you listen to me?

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