Barb just got Botox injected into her forearm and it worked!  In her latest blog post she said that she can open her hand fully.  That’s awesome, Botox won’t always have an effect.  So, you’ve heard of Botox.  It’s the stuff that women get injected into their foreheads and around their eyes so they don’t have wrinkles.  Well, Botox paralyzes muscles so along with losing wrinkles you might lose facial expressions.  But I guess it’s more important to some people to not be wrinkly than to emote.  But it can be really useful for stroke survivors.  Botox can be injected into spastic muscles to relax them so that the opposite muscle can work better.  So if your biceps are spastic, you can get them injected with Botox and hopefully the triceps will work better to overcome the spasticity in the biceps and straighten the arm.  I think it’s pretty important for me to write about this because I have a friend who cannot open her hand and Botox has never been mentioned to her.  Maybe there’s a reason for this, I don’t know, I don’t know what all her hand can and can’t do.  I have no spasticity, none of my muscles are overworking – they just act insanely weird – so I’m writing about something I just know about, have never had it myself.

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  1. Hi Amy: I’m very sorry – for sure – but the straightening of my hand is intermittent. I CAN, though, open my left using my right, then keep it open using my left hand itself. it was odd, my daughter said, to see me with my hand on my lap, palm-up, fingers straight.

    I start OT on Thursday. Can’t wait!

    • Oh ok, sorry I got confused! Happens a lot. 🙂

      • I’m not convinced you were confused, but rather I was overly optimistic in my excitement. Happens a lot. 🙂

        • Several people have commented to me that I look younger now than pre-stroke. I can’t see it, but then again I’ve never been able to see myself very well. I tell them that if that’s true, it must be because my stroke resulted in my face feeling like every square inch has been injected with Botox. I go on to tell them that I do not recommend having a stroke as a beauty treatment.

          • Oh I always tell people that are trying to lose weight to have a stroke. Strokes are great for weight loss!

            • I’ve experienced weight loss as well. My father-in-law was bald when he had a stroke, and afterwards much of his hair grew back, and it even came back brown instead of gray. That hasn’t happened to me, but I keep waiting.

              • I feel SO much older after the stroke: I ended up dying my hair back to its natural color even though pre-stroke I was happy with salt-and-pepper. I have also gained – not lost weight, even though much of my muscle mass is gone because of atrophy. No glutes at all on that side.

            • I lost a lot of weight after .. had lots of people telling me I never looked so good… guess the face drooping, using walker etc. is less important than the weight,. Now that I am feeling a fair bit better I’m gaining weight again. sighhhh.

          • Now that’s weird. He got the pigment back in his hair??

            • Well, actually, he had gone bald as a young man, so he never actually had gray hair. He had his stroke in his eighties, so it was very odd seeing him with a head full of brown hair.

  2. I hate stories like this – Paralyzed Stroke Victim ‘Cured’ With Botox, no context is given and of course they don’t mention the botox deaths for small stature persons. Ranting again.

    • OMG, people have died from Botox injections? I certainly was never taught that.

    • Ironically, Dean, the only warning I got in the disclosure portion of our discussion was that muscles could be weakened. Maybe because there’s no way I can be considered “small stature:” 5’5 and 140 pounds. I never heard of deaths, either.

      I’m selfish, so if it works for me, I have no issue with its negative side effects for others.

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