Month: June 2013

Being Alone

You have to be ok with being alone.  I used to have a problem with this – weird for an introvert to say that.  I had a problem when people weren’t around – people I knew, friends and family.  Not… Read More ›

Cerebellar Strokes

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year…it’s about time I did this post.  I had a stroke in the cerebellum.  The cerebellum is the “little brain.”  It’s the baseball sized thing located at the back of and under… Read More ›

Mirror Box Therapy

Peter G. Levine, please read this!!!!  Thanks for the mirror therapy suggestion.  I think that stuff is like some kind of magic.  Not really, but it obviously works really well.  In just 2 months of doing this, I have WAY… Read More ›


I was at OT today and saw something really upsetting.  A guy was pushing an old woman in a wheelchair and came upon a little curb.  Not a full curb, just a little one.  So the guy didn’t re-adjust the… Read More ›