Month: June 2013

Being Alone

You have to be ok with being alone.  I used to have a problem with this – weird for an introvert to say that.  I had a problem when people weren’t around – people I knew, friends and family.  Not… Read More ›

Cerebellar Strokes

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year…it’s about time I did this post.  I had a stroke in the cerebellum.  The cerebellum is the “little brain.”  It’s the baseball sized thing located at the back of and under… Read More ›

Mirror Box Therapy

Peter G. Levine, please read this!!!!  Thanks for the mirror therapy suggestion.  I think that stuff is like some kind of magic.  Not really, but it obviously works really well.  In just 2 months of doing this, I have WAY… Read More ›


I was at OT today and saw something really upsetting.  A guy was pushing an old woman in a wheelchair and came upon a little curb.  Not a full curb, just a little one.  So the guy didn’t re-adjust the… Read More ›


Well Dean, going down steps is an eccentric contraction.  I know you know what that is so I won’t describe it, for anyone that doesn’t know – click the link.  You said your knee pops out of alignment, I’m assuming… Read More ›


Ok Elizabeth, I’m gonna tackle the shoe issue.  Admittedly, I’m not positive what causes this to happen to us.  I’ll tell you what I’ve had luck with and what I THINK is going on.  First, really thorough knowledge of the gait… Read More ›


Ok, the inversion/eversion problem.  Inversion is when your foot turns in, eversion is when your foot turns out.  Ever hear of someone “rolling their ankle?”. That means that they sprained the ankle(stretched the ligaments too much) by over-inverting it during walking.  Actually,… Read More ›

Neck Pain

I’m gonna start with the neck because treating neck and back pain used to be my specialty.  Soooo, Robin and Shelly – forget all the neck stretches you’ve been given.  They aren’t doing anything to help and are possibly making… Read More ›


Hi readers!….just curious if there are any requests that you’d like me to write about from an orthopedic standpoint like any group of muscles I haven’t touched on or any pain anywhere? Just thought I’d ask, I could give a… Read More ›

Grumpy Cat

My last post had a hint of anger in it so here’s something to make you laugh.  Grumpy Cat makes me LOL.  Enjoy!

Brain Injury

A brain injury is a lifelong battle.  It’s not something that you just “get over” or recover from within a few months – or  years – or ever.  If you’re lucky enough to have a brain injury you are forever… Read More ›

It SUCKED!!!!!

I’m kinda just venting but I want this written down so that I never forget this experience.  So, being in the hospital for a month was the absolute most horrible, terrible, awful experience that I think I could have possibly… Read More ›