Tennis Elbow

This is an orthopedic post but it can help stroke survivors.  I guess all of my orthopedic posts can help stroke survivors because they can help anybody.  Tennis elbow = lateral epicondylitis.  I have fixed many, many cases of tennis elbow by giving a few neck exercises and fixing posture.  If you’re having some kind of orthopedic pain somewhere and it’s not getting any better, there is most likely a spinal component involved.  The spine can have an issue and refer pain to another area, such as the elbow.  You know how it’s always said that the left arm will hurt when having a heart attack?  That’s an example of referred pain. The spine can do the same thing.  That hip or knee pain you have might actually be coming from the spine.   Here are some exercises for tennis elbow.  If that doesn’t clear it up, try these.  And fix your posture!

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