My therapist, who I love and would do anything she says, suggested that I take singing lessons.  I thought “this woman is out of her ever-loving mind.”  But I did some searching on the internet and e-mailed a guy about voice lessons.  This guy is an opera singer, and apparently really well-known in the opera world.  He’s not a music therapist or anything, he’s a singer, an OPERA singer.  In the e-mail I said “this might be a disaster and terribly embarrassing but I think I should try it.”  He e-mailed me back and said he’s very interested to work with me.  So today I had my first lesson.  It was kind of awesome.  I’ll definitely be going back.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea. I forgot until reading your post that I practiced “singing” as part of my speech therapy. I never actually took signing lessons which would have been really useful I bet, but I did practice by signing along with some learn to sing websites. BTW I am a terrible singer and so my practice was rather embarrassing. It really helped me improve my intonation and prosidy. I was so happy to leave the monotone speech behind. The other really helpful thing was reading children’s books aloud. My son loved my practice and I was motivated to improve to see his excitement rise as my monotone disappeared. He just loves my “growley, scowely”troll voice in the three billy goats gruff.

    • Yeah I read it’s a common practice to have someone sing in speech therapy because a different area of the brain controls singing as opposed to talking. Didn’t help me though. 😦

  2. Awesome! Zack is/was a singer before his ordeal. I call it an ordeal because…what else do you call it? Not an accident…Anyway! That was his job. He was the worship leader at our church. When he got sick he was actually leading worship at a youth camp…doing youth ministry and worship ministry. Two of the things he loves the most. I think that’s kinda ironic and kinda cool. I am hoping his ability to sing prior will be helpful to him. Right now he is so slow he can’t keep a tempo for anything that is even remotely upbeat. But, we practice, and he does NOT sound like himself. But we are hopeful. I am hopeful this will help you, too. Very cool! And fun to do something new!

  3. Great to hear about your efforts with singing! Keep it up and keep us updated.

  4. yeah for trying new things and liking them!


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