Forearm Muscles

The muscles in your forearm move the wrist around.  Some of the forearm muscles are responsible for opening and closing the hand.  Most people when lifting in the gym don’t pay attention to their forearms.  That’s a mistake.  Some people do, every once in a while I’ll see someone doing a wrist flexion or extension exercise but not often.  After a stroke, most often you’re gonna pay a lot of attention to these muscles.  Here are some exercisesAnd thisAnd thisI used to love to give out this exercise, people thought it was so weird.  This picture uses sand but I always used rice.

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3 replies

  1. I wish I’d had all these cute exercise diagrams when I was still in the hospital. You need to compile these into an eBook, Exercises your therapist should have given you after a stroke. Blasphemous I know.

  2. Hooray for book writing! Z came out of surgery with suuuuper limp wrists. Like, oddly limp. They were not like that before surgery. I feel like everything went to hell after the surgery, they were already on their way there and then surgery pushed it over the edge. I sometimes second guess that surgery. But It also may have been what caused the swelling to subside…sooo. Rock and a hard spot. I will have him do these.

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