Being in pain is not OK.  Pain is a warning signal.  Pain is the body’s way of telling you “hey something’s not right.”  One of the utterly most annoying things that would happen to me as a physical therapist was this….  Someone would come in and have back pain and say “well I have a bad back, bad backs run in my family so I’m used to the pain.”  Oh my God I heard that all the time!  Christ that was annoying.  So you’re telling me that you’ve just accepted the fact that you’re gonna have back pain for the rest of your life and not try to do anything about it?  Bad backs don’t “run in families.”  If your back hurts, there’s something wrong.  You probably have terrible posture or awful body mechanics.  Don’t accept the fact that you have pain somewhere, if you do that it will get worse.  Sometimes, a little bit of pain is OK, like if you’re stretching something or working out.  But if you have pain at rest and you didn’t work out the day or two before causing you to be sore, that’s not OK.

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  1. A few years ago I listened to a seminar about health. This is one of the main things I remember from that. It was HUGE for me. I have a crazy intestinal and digestive system. (I won’t go in to detail) I used to have HORRIBLE stomach aches semi regularly and I just “let them pass” because it “ran in the family” to have poor digestive systems. I definitely pay attention to my body much more these days.


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