I have to vent.  I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is considered to be one of the best medical hubs in the entire world.  That’s all 7 continents.  I heard some stories in the last couple weeks that make me ill.  First story – a 27-year-old woman has cancer and has had a ton of chemo and surgeries.  Her husband was disgusted with all the stuff that the oncologists were doing so he started researching a lot of alternative methods to get her better.  They worked.  The thing that really disgusted me about this story is that this woman has always been petite, and due to the cancer and chemo has lost a lot of weight and now she’s under 100 pounds.  Her husband took her to 3 nutritionists and they all said – all 3 of them said – that she should go eat some McDonald’s to gain weight.  I’d like to know where these “nutritionists” went to school and what they’re doing working in a hospital.  3 nutritionists told a cancer patient to eat fast food in order to gain weight.

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  1. I won’t defend the medical establishment, but imagine some alternate point of view. Perhaps case one was eating as much food as she could bear, but still lost weight. Then they’d look for some thing small volume that packs a lot of calories: brownies or MacDonalds or any fried food comes to mind. All crappy nutritionally but they fit the bill. Maybe she eats so healthy that they are not worried about her nutrition.

    As for 2, I don’t think that sugar feeds cancer any more specifically that any other cavort delivery.

    I am not a nutritionist, but my daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 15 years and my husband insists that we eat “low on the food chain,” at the same time I’m supposed to be building muscle mass, so I study nutrition.

    • I do, I do think that sugar feeds cancer. My mom had breast cancer and I know a few people that have cancer now and nutrition has never once been mentioned by an oncologist. I know one case where an oncologist said to a cancer patient who asked about doughnuts “sure you can have a doughnut, that won’t hurt you.”

  2. There are entire categories of food I don’t eat: fried foods, donuts, pork and other pig products, whole dairy(including butter – on bread, lobster, corn-on-the-cob or anything else), and fast food. It’s just all crap and I don’t think ANYONE should eat it. BUT I also think breaking the rules on occasion hurts anyone.

  3. I’m no shining example of good eating habits, but I can tell you most of the new menu ‘meals’ are under 700 calories. Multiply by 3 meals a day and you’re only hitting your average adult intake. Your daily intake limits on sodium and every other bad thing in those meals is probably going well OVER just do hit that number. So all in all a bad judgement call. They were either just kidding, or don’t know much about the calorie counts at McDonalds. I’m sure the fats help.

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