Ok Elizabeth, I’m gonna tackle the shoe issue.  Admittedly, I’m not positive what causes this to happen to us.  I’ll tell you what I’ve had luck with and what I THINK is going on.  First, really thorough knowledge of the gait cycle(walking cycle).  So, I’m gonna describe this about the right leg.  I’ll start with the foot on the ground, this is called stance phase.  So while your right leg is on the ground, your left leg is in the air swinging the left foot forward.  Stance phase starts when the heel of the right foot strikes the ground.  Then your weight shifts forward from the back of the foot to the front of the foot.  Your right foot then lifts up a little by the calves, called propulsion, you have toe-off and you go into swing phase.  In this phase your right leg swings forward and you prepare for heel strike again, another stance phase, and repeat.  Now, I used to have like no control over my right leg, I do now.  So knowing about the gait cycle helped me to minimize the problem because I would be very forceful (as forceful as I could be) about my heel strike.  Also, when entering swing phase, my right leg used to come up really high.  I’m not sure why.  I used to lift my right leg really high when I walked and as you said “walk right out of my shoe.”  To combat this, I would attempt not to let my right leg lift as I entered swing phase.  Soooo, that’s not really about strengthening muscles – well yes it is – as much as gaining control over a group of muscles.  Gaining control is a part of strengthening.  The group of muscles that caused my problem was the hip flexors.  It probably seems weird that muscles at your hip would cause this issue, but they certainly did for me.  This is a very basic exercise but very effectiveThen do these to strengthen the entire hipThe hip 4-wayI like thisI love this exercise, I’m not sure why.  I hope this stuff helps.

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  1. Wow! That’s awesome, thank you so much. I’m going to start this right away. Someone else in passing told me it could be my hip too. I bet you’re right because I’ve done calf and foot work like crazy already. I’ve not focused on the hip specifically, since I was able to walk really well since early on. This is probably my problem and I hope the solution too. Thanks again!

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