Well Dean, going down steps is an eccentric contraction.  I know you know what that is so I won’t describe it, for anyone that doesn’t know – click the link.  You said your knee pops out of alignment, I’m assuming that means your kneecap.  This movement is made better by strengthening the quads and hip abductors eccentrically.  Here are all the eccentric exercises that I can think of for the quads.  Step downs, lateral step downs, squats, single leg squats, anterior lunges, side lunges, posterior lunges, wall slides.  That’s a pretty freakin’ cool website.  knee extension eccentricTKEs, walking backwards on a treadmill – do that very slowly – actually don’t do that.  And hip abductors!

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  1. Climbing/ getting down stair and curb. I have a hard time to climb the curb and stairs, I have to drag my affected leg to climb and support of cane to get down. What muscles needs to be trained for brain to give enough signal to lift the affected leg to climb the stair.

  2. Amy, I can climb stairs, but I do need a railing took me orever, but I can’step-over”…love the feeling of going at a ‘normal speedI tried to learn how to do it, but couldn’t. hen, one day, it came to me that I probably could…so I tried and did. What a rush!…this is how my recovery has gone.For the longest time, I can’t do something, and then one day, for whatever reason I think I can, and I doI am getting better , all the time. I just don’t get any big advances, it would be more fun if I did. Marta

  3. I’m going to have to walk backwards on that treadmill just to spite you Amy.

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