Mirror Box Therapy

Peter G. Levine, please read this!!!!  Thanks for the mirror therapy suggestion.  I think that stuff is like some kind of magic.  Not really, but it obviously works really well.  In just 2 months of doing this, I have WAY more control over my right hand.  Before Peter suggested it, I thought I was too high level for it, that it couldn’t help me.  Nope, I was wrong!  I wish I knew about mirror therapy when I was practicing.  If I ever practice again, this will be a standard therapy.  No matter how smart you think you are, the brain can be tricked.

Get a mirror box here

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7 replies

  1. Sounds interesting. Can you give me a link for more info on mirror therapy?

  2. Do you do one movement a lot or do you mix up the movements? I haven’t heard what the protocol should be.

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