Grumpy Cat 5



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  1. Stroke survivors have an “edgy” sense of humor.

  2. Where are the happy cats? I know pessimists live longer but I think optimists have more fun.

  3. Oh Amy! Love Grumpy Cat too. Check out my “Pre-stroke” grumpy cat pic on my blog

  4. Hello

    I am looking for a survivor who has a kind of problem I have. My foot rolls out when I take a step and when I take shower I can not keep my foot flat and straight so that I can put weight on it.qhen I am sitting bare feet I can keep my foot flat nd straight but if I take a step all bets R off. Is there any one who has similar deficit like me and is it curable ? Thx for Ny help/ pointer.

    Zpatzer Sent from my iPhone

    • Yes, my rolling ankle was my first stroke symptom. My AFO fixed it at first, but when I jettisoned that, I still had the problem. I have a Bioness now and that fixes it but requires that I wear shoes, plus it’s expensive. I think Marcelle Greene, at upstroke blog, solved the problem using a progression of ankle supports. Try contacting her. Good luck.

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