Being Alone

You have to be ok with being alone.  I used to have a problem with this – weird for an introvert to say that.  I had a problem when people weren’t around – people I knew, friends and family.  Not a bunch of strangers at a party or a bar, I guess that’s the difference between intro and extroverts.  Anyway, I used to need people, I hated living alone, I needed a roommate.  I hated being alone – hence my tendency to jump from one relationship to the next.  I spent a long time looking outside of myself for something to make me happy.  Now, I only look inside myself to make me happy.  And if someone/something externally comes along that cheers me up – that’s a bonus.  I still need people – don’t get me wrong.  There are certain people who I couldn’t live without.  But other people making me happy is no longer a necessity.  Now I have a much, much healthier relationship with myself and my need for other people.  I amuse myself a lot, I can laugh at myself for hours.  🙂  Everyone needs to learn this lesson.  I had to learn how to do this at the same time as I was recovering from a recent massive stroke.  Talk about awesome!!!!!!!  I don’t recommend doing that.  I don’t recommend doing a lot of things the way I’ve done them.  But I have good stories to tell!  I’ll never have a boring date again, provided I ever go on another date.

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  1. Amy, of COURSE you’ll go on dates. You are so precious, smart, funny and wise that you’ll find a perfect match – or the match will find you. Think of the patience you’ve summoned to deal with the stroke, you can do it.

  2. You are an awesome catch and your match will be lucky to find you when the time comes. You are wise beyond your years, partly thanks to your stroke and recovery. Some people never learn the lessons you’ve gleened….even in a lifetime. I look forward to reading your love story when it arrives!

  3. If you want a significant other, he is out there. Those desires aren’t just in our hearts for nothing. Marriage is beautiful. It’s my favorite thing about living. There are many amazing things, don’t get me wrong, but being married to my favorite person is definitely tops. He’s out there for you, and you are going about it in all the right ways. I echo Elizabeth, can’t wait to read your love story. 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂 I don’t even really think I want that in my life right now. Sometimes I do, then other times I think I want nothing to do with a guy EVER! 🙂 Not really ever but I need to focus on me right now.

      • Word! I totally understand that. When/if you want it and are ready, it will happen.

      • Amy, putting off a relationship may be a good idea for you, especially since you’re hesitant. As wonderful as my husband has been, it’s still a challenge for me to have lost my independence and self-confidence, to have him see me at my worst, and to feel less than attractive. For me, it would have been an impossible combination at the beginning of a romantic relationship; but for other women, it might not be.

        You will know when you’re ready.


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