Month: July 2013


This is a technique they taught us in PT school for stretching muscles and it works, I used it all the time. I used it on orthopedic injuries. I saw regular muscles that had tears and pops and strains and… Read More ›

Foot Pain

I’ve given out this exercise 3 times recently to people who asked me about pain in their foot.   Two of those people have confirmed that it fixed the pain, I’m awaiting feedback from the 3rd person.  So I thought I… Read More ›


Recently I realized the enormity of what I have done.  I was not 2 years out from a massive stroke (3 of them), which completely depleted me of all strength and energy, but somehow I mustered up the strength to leave… Read More ›

Sacroiliac(SI) Dysfunction

Ok, the SI joint…… The SI joint is the joint that connects the top/back of the hip, the ilium, and the last part of the spine, the sacral spine.  So there are 2 sacroilac joints.  In PT school, we were… Read More ›


I spent the first 4 years(and the only 4 years) of my career as a physical therapist becoming certified in this technique.  After I became certified, 6 months later I had a stroke.  Regardless of the MAGNITUDE of stuff I’ve learned… Read More ›


It may seem like I put a lot of work into this blog, but I don’t.  These blog posts kinda write themselves, appear in my head, then I transfer them from my brain to the computer.  I guess the blog… Read More ›


There was a search term on my stats page that said “prognosis after cerebellar stroke.”  Ehhhhh……. There really is no prognosis.  If you didn’t die, great good for you!  Welcome to the club, now the fun begins!!  I remember in… Read More ›

A Therapist’s Job

Rebecca wrote a blog post in response to one of mine, so I’m writing another blog post in response to her response.  I talked about patients not doing their prescribed exercises at home, which is called non-compliance in the therapy… Read More ›


Everyone wants 6-pack abs.  Having keg abs is much more common though, unfortunately.  Because of all of the breath work  that I do and focus on the diaphragm and getting it stronger – oh my God it’s a good workout… Read More ›


Last time I put up a Grumpy Cat picture I was grumpy about it not being sunny in Pittsburgh.  Well, the sun came.  Oh did it come.  Now it’s hot as H-E-double hockey sticks here and the humidity hits you… Read More ›

Ankle Pumps

Ankle pumps just means lifting your foot up and down.  I used to tell patients that were going to be flying on a plane, along with getting up every once in a while and walking, to do a whole bunch… Read More ›

Scapular Winging

This is so not a neuro thing, but I found myself doing it today in my neuro OT.  So you’ll want to pay attention to this.  The scapula is the shoulder-blade.  Do you ever feel like your shoulder-blade pops out a little too… Read More ›

The Lumbar Spine

I know a lot about the lumbar spine, the low back.  I think there’s no question I couldn’t answer about the spine, especially the lumbar spine.  There are 5 lumbar vertebrae.  When looked at from the side the lumbar spine… Read More ›