Post-Nominal Letters

You know, I have some letters that follow my name and I’m really glad that I do because I think that my education and experience will open a ton of doors for me in the future.  That being said, every stroke survivor should be awarded letters after their name.  To live through this, to recover from this shit, and to get back to some semblance of a normal life has been much, much larger and much, much, MUCH more intense and much, much, much, MUCH harder than any educational program I could have ever completed.  I’m pretty sure that the experience that will determine my future is living through/with this stroke, not my work experience.

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  1. You are so RIGHT! No classroom has ever taught me what I have had to re-learn, how to re-learn, and how to just say “To hell with it!” when needed.

  2. With your educational background, facility of language and certainly first-hand experience, have you considered writing a book? There are lots of stroke books out there but few if any focused on cerebellar strokes, which are only about 3% of all strokes. There is a whole lot of difference in symptoms and appropriate treatment, yet every medical professional I’ve run into so far thinks only ‘stroke’.

    In any case I wish you the best in pursuing your career in the future.

  3. PI. D – Professor of Intelligence Degree
    POST – Philosophier of Synaptic Thought
    BHS – Black Hole Survivor, thats me
    BHS – Big Honking Stupidity

  4. Amy, I’ve got a slew of letters that could go after my name. That and $3 will get me a cup of coffee. After a while it looks like alphabet soup.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. You guys are amazing! So inspiring.

  6. Yes, we are all more experienced and knowledgeable that someone who just studied stroke rehab.

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