4th of July

I live in a place in Pittsburgh where people flock to for the fireworks.  My neighbor told me that there will be thousands of people in this area tonight.  I’m so looking forward to that, I love loud noises.  So, a parking spot up on this mountain that I live on is prime today.  I took this picture today on my way home today, it made me laugh…..


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5 replies

  1. Ha! Makes me remember growing up in Huntington Beach, CA. Every year about three days before the 4th, chairs, even small tents would start showing up along the parade route!

  2. We went to a friend’s house overlooking the harbor, where the fireworks go off. She had garbage cans in front of her house, saving space for friends’ cars; we must rate because we got a spot in her driveway. During the fireworks, the road filled with parked cars, people stopping in the middle of the road (there was a line of cars straddling the center line. While everyone else was in lawn chairs in the front yard, Tom and I watched from inside – no people and, even better, no mosquitoes.

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