I’m stepping on OT’s territory here but there was a search term on my stats page that said ‘supination after stroke.’  So I thought I’d write about it.  Supination of the hand is when your palm turns up.  Pronation of the hand is when your palm turns down.  Here’s a picture.  After a stroke, if you have a problem with your wrist/forearm muscles, almost always your hand will be pronated, palm turned down.  I have a problem with my forearm/hand muscles but it’s about control and coordination rather than problems doing certain movements.  I can do whatever movement I want, but my hand starts shaking pretty badly at the end of that movement (intention tremor).  Ok, so supination exercises.  Here’s a bunch of forearm/hand exercisesHere’s another oneHere’s more.  TIP!! The biceps are involved in supination, they come in at the end of supination so that’s why it’s important to get your biceps really strong when working on supination.  Turning your palm down and doing an elbow curl shuts off the biceps.


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  1. Yeah my OT is trying to get my supination back for almost a year now, but strengthening the triceps as we go. My major malfunction has been the high tone and spasms in the bicep. The work can only be accomplished if the Botox works. It’s a work in progress still.

  2. Interesting – my left forearm problem is supination. I can pronate my forearm if I concentrate and work very hard at it, but its natural inclination is for my palm to supinate, which makes my palm face forward when I stand. It’s nice to hear that I’m unusual.

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